September 17, 2022 @ 8:00 pm – 10:15 pm
Centenary Centre
Atholl Street
Trevor Bougourd

Strap yourself in – the lads from Wigan are on their way!

This incredible live party band have personality, energy and sass by the metric ton; their presence brings instant vibrancy to a room, even before they’ve played a note.

With Boomin Band you don’t just get one charismatic front man, you get three! Each band member sings lead vocals as well as harmonising and playing live. By the way, EVERYTHING is live here, there is nothing on track. Each band member has the audience eating from the palm of their hand!

And Boomin’s charm does not stop there. We’ve rarely seen a band as interactive as these guys! All 3 are uber-talented musicians with performing skills and surprises every step of the way.

Boomin’s talent explodes from the stage, and so do they on occasion. We have known them to use the whole venue as part of their act. There aren’t any barriers to this group making sure you have an amazing time! They bring an element of anarchic fun to every event gig.

Their incomparable style and skill for moving smoothly from one song to another is legendary. They segue seamlessly from indie to pop then rock to punk, you will never know what’s coming next! You might be dancing to Arctic Monkeys one minute and Abba the next! These guys will keep you and your guests on your toes. Trust us when we tell you, it’s delightful to be entertained by them.

They could be considered a little bit wild, they’re definitely very spontaneous!


Postal Address

Peel Centenary Centre

Athol Street
Isle of Man