Atholl Room Concerts (free entry)

Acoustic Delight

Friday Folk Concerts presents Tony Cox

Planet Abba

Making a welcome return to Peel are the sensational Planet Abba – possibly the best Abba tribute in the UK. All the greatest hits, culminating in an evening of pure joy, singing, dancing and fun!

So, dig out your best 70s clothes and come along for this show on 11th February. Show starts 8pm.

Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman

The Academy of Dance Christmas Recital

The Academy of Dance Christmas Recital

The Academy of Dance Christmas Recital

Friday Folk Night (Free admission)

Peel Pantoloons Presents Snow White

It’s that time of year again…. Oh yes it is! Peel Pantoloons are proud to present this year’s pantomime, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; featuring snappy dialogue, traditional sketches and comedy which brings the show bang up-to-date. With plenty of villains to boo and heroes to cheer, magical spells, romantic adventures, a villainous Wicked Queen and hilarious comedy dwarfs all set the scene for this fresh and original pantomime version of the eternally popular fairy-tale story.
Princess Snow White is driven from the palace by the actions of her jealous stepmother, the Wicked Queen, who has ordered her death after meeting her true love, Prince Richard. But due to the Royal Huntsmen, Hop and Skip, she escapes her terrible fate. She is taken in by seven comical dwarfs living in the woods. Using her magic phone, the Queen discovers that she has been betrayed and sets out to find Snow White to finish the job herself. Can Prince Richard, Dame Nora and the seven dwarfs save Snow White in time?
Find out by coming to see this traditional, locally written pantomime this Christmas.

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