Michael Kelly’s Haunted Dolls

March 19, 2022 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

A spooky storytelling magic show, featuring ghost stories and some very eerie experiences with haunted dolls.

About this event

Michael Kelly is a magician specialising in haunted magic and a master storyteller of ghostly stories.

Here he combines his passions for eerie narrative and shares a number of unsettling ghost stories accompanied by unnerving paranormal effects.

He then demonstrates exactly how an object may become haunted, infused with the memory of a traumatic event, before introducing an escalating series of spine chilling tales of dolls with frightening powers. Finally, at the show’s conclusion, the most sinister doll in the world takes the stage…

Note: the tone is kept quite light, but the tales and demonstrations inevitably enter some eerie territory and can be quite frightening to some. As such, although accompanied children who love ghost stories are welcome, this show may not be suitable for younger children or those of a more nervous disposition. Parental discretion is advised.


Postal Address

Peel Centenary Centre

Athol Street
Isle of Man