John Miller and Grant Dermody (plus special guests Blue John and Papa Cass)

July 27, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Centenary Centre, Peel
Atholl St
Peel IM5 1BD
Isle of Man
John Gregory

Blue John Media is delighted to bring the incredible world-renowned US blues and roots music musicians John Miller (guitar/vocals) and Grant Dermody (harmonica/vocals) to the Isle of Man. This show at the Centenary Centre is only one of two shows they are performing together in the British Isles before teaching guitar and harmonica at Blues Week, in Gloucester, UK. 

In addition to being a phenomenal musician and recording artist, John Miller has an incredible reputation as a music tutor and has presented a number of tuition DVDs for Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop on the music of several country blues guitar legends including Mississippi John Hurt, Elizabeth Cotten and Furry Lewis (to name but a few).

The late great fingerpicking hero John Fahey described John as ‘just brilliant’ and fellow fingerpicking legend Duck Baker said: “This is not the boy on the magazine cover but the guy the pros admire and cop licks from (I can attest to this).”

Grant Dermody is a harmonica master who has made amazing solo albums, trio albums with John Miller and Orville Johnson and has recorded and performed with other musical giants.

Among those has been Eric Bibb, who describes Grant as “One of the greatest blues and roots harmonica players around. His playing reaches deep into the well of tradition and at the same time takes the music to exciting new places with a very personal sound. Working with him in the studio and on the stage is always a pleasure.”

Dirk Powell said about him: “Grant Dermody plays the harmonica with power that is equally effective and evocative whether held in reserve or allowed to wail to its fullest and wildest degree. His musical voice, both through the instrument and singing itself, reunited forms and feels that are not-so-distant cousins into one wide and calmly flowing stream.”

Grant, like John, is a master teacher too and blues and roots musicians around the world have learned directly from them at workshops, including the popular Euroblues Promotions’ Blues Week event in the UK.

Tickets are available from Celtic Gold, Peel, Shakti Man, Ramsey, online at or by ringing John Gregory on 204320 or email him at